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Whether you are a traditional brick and mortar business contemplating moving operations and advertising dollars online, or you are a new venture seeking to launch your online empire, business owners, consumers and their attorneys must be prepared to face the new and rapidly changing technologies, business practices and service delivery.  Interactive computer networks are now used to market and sell products, communicate social and political views and will inevitably overcome traditional mediums of print and television.  Tradional civil offenses such as fraud and defamation are seemingly more robust when perpetrated online.  Selling products and services online can expose Internet venturers to different and distant jurisdictions.  Trademark and Copywrite infringement now take place with greater ease and access.  

Our laws and legal practices are also adapting.  Laws such as the Digital Millenium Copywrite Act or the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act have been enacted to address legal issues where traditional laws such as mail or wire fraud statutes do not apply or are simply rendered ineffective due to technology. The Lahnam Act for example, has become an effective tool in combatting Cybersquatting and Trademark infringement online. Click Fraud is another example of an Internet-specific civil tort that can be a costly part of Internet Search Marketing.

With the anonymity of the Internet, Defamation actions such as libel and slander present different challenges.  "John Doe" lawsuits have recently emerged as a means of initiating a legal action against an anonymous offender in order to obtain subpoena power and acquire the identity of the would-be defendant.  Competitor Click Fraud is another example of how complete strangers can drain your online ad budgets and effectively hinder your ability to reach new customers.

Both Mr. Jordan and Mr. Gholian worked for major ISPs as Internet professionals in the late 90s prior to law school before wireless and broadband was the norm and people were connecting to the Internet using 56K modems.  Mr. Gholian's articles on click fraud and cybersquatting have been published by magazines such as Los Angeles Lawyer (cover article) and E-Commerce Law Report.

Our Los Angeles Cyber lawyers are specially equipped with the Internet specific knowledge required to analyze and address your legal needs.   We can prosecute defamation cases, click fraud cases, online consumer fraud cases, cybersquatting and domain name disputes and other Internet specific concerns.

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