The Music and Entertainment Business is steered by contractual duties and obligations, intellectual property rights, copyright materials, publishing rights and issues of public domain. The Firm's Entertainment practice consists of two categories: Litigation and Transaction.

Litigation - We prosecute and defend actions arising in copyright, trademark infringement, trade secrets, defamation actions such as libel and slander, rights of privacy, and other areas of intellectual property law.

Transaction - The Firm provides professional services including drafting, negotiating and analyzing agreements in recording, publishing, performance, management and merchandising.

A good Music and Entertainment Attorney should have a good working knowledge of not only the law but also the Music Industry, how it operates, customs and practices and how things get done.  As an artist, your creativity and music are products that need to be protected while they are being promoted.

Mr. Jordan is a Music and Entertainment Attorney who heads the firm’s Music and Entertainment practice.  He has been representing high profile musicians and other entertainment professionals since he began his practice several years ago.  Professionalism and discretion are key attributes to Mr. Jordan’s Entertainment practice.  We provide consultation in contract formation and negotiation. We also provide legal representation to musicians, actors and other Entertainment professionals.


Vahe Jordan has been representing my guys for several years now and is an entertainment lawyer who gets it.”  Pete Angelus, Manager, The Black Crowes.



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