Los Angeles Business Litigation Attorneys

Disputes can and do arise during the course of a business transaction. Our Los Angeles Business Lawyers are experienced at negotiating, litigating and analyzing a business disputes that may be important to your success or sometimes to your survival. Business disputes most often lie in claims based in Contract or claims based in Business Torts such as fraud, negligent misrepresentation or unfair competition.  Our Los Angeles Business Attorneys prosecute and defend business torts and contract disputes.  Claims based in Contract require contract interpretation and analysis and damages are generally limited by the terms of the agreement itself.  Business torts and unfair competition often times allow for other remedies such as punitive damages.

Our Attorneys’ approach to business litigation starts with determining what is best for the business and what makes most fiscal sense.  Wasteful litigation is costly and ineffective in the long run. Our attorneys are business trained and prepared to assess those legal requirements that make sense for your business. Mr. Gholian holds an MBA with a concentration in Information Technology and applies his training and work experience to case evaluation and litigation strategy.

We also provide transactional services and Corporate and LLC formation services.  If you are faced with a business dispute, contact us immediately for a free consultation and case evaluation.