Porter Ranch Gas Leak

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Porter Ranch Gas Leak Property Rights Claims:

In addition to health related claims, real property in and around Porter Ranch may likely sustain a measured and significant diminution in value to their home With the gas leak now contained as of Feb 1 2016 and it being unknown when the leak started, the scope of claims and damages that will be sustained by property owners is yet to be fully determined. As mass tort litigators, we will be seeking compensation for damages directly linked with the Aliso Canyon gas leak. If you have questions about damages sustained as a homeowner in Porter Ranch, contact one of our diminution in value attorneys today.

Catastrophe Mass Action – What You Need To Know About Your Claim:

Porter Ranch and neighboring community homeowners need to understand that their claims are not suitable for class action treatment, but rather as individual claims in a Mass Action. Quite often and understandably so, victims may confuse a mass action with a class action. Attorneys trying to prosecute Porter Ranch Gas Leak claims via the class action civil mechanism will not achieve just results for individual claimants such as Porter Ranch residents because each gas leak victim’s claims are unique and different. In a class action, the damages sustained by the class are the same and therefore efficient for purposes of litigating and resolving claims via class action.

Because each individual claimant has individual and different injuries to their person and property, the Porter Ranch Gas Leak Claims should be prosecuted individually through the mass action mechanism. Thus, even though your claim will be brought with several hundred or even thousand other Porter Ranch Gas Leak victims, your claims based on personal injury and property damage will be treated individually and evaluated for its individual merits, which could differ from your neighbor or even from persons in your own household. Similar to the 2009 Station Fire Insurance Claims, we will prosecute each individual Porter Ranch Gas Leak Claim based on the individual merit of each claim.

Also keep in mind that your claim will likely be consolidated with the other lawsuits related to the Porter Ranch Gas Leak and likely in the Complex Litigation Department of LA Superior. Our attorneys have prosecuted mass tort claims in the Complex Litigation Department and are familiar with the procedure and Courts in the Complex Litigation Department.

Lawsuits Filed By Various Agencies And How They Will Impact Your Claim:

The People of the State of California v. Southern California Gas Company – LASC No. BC602973, Filed December 7, 2015 and pending in front of the Honorable Emilie H. Elias of the Complex Litigation Division, LA Superior Court. The City Attorney’s lawsuit seeks to (1) ensure the leak is repaired ASAP; (2) ensure that such a leak does not happen again; (3) address any operational deficiencies; (4) address the environmental concerns; and (5) to impose appropriate civil penalties.

The City Attorney Lawsuit has alleged the following facts relevant to Porter Ranch Homeowner Claims:

  • It has not been determined when the leak began;
  • So Cal Gas did not report the leak immediately;
  • The Aliso Well is one of more than 100 wells operated by So Cal Gas at all relevant times;
  • The natural gas stored is mostly methane;
  • The odorant used by So Cal Gas is mercaptan which contains the putrid sulfur compounds tetrahydrothiophene and tertiary-butyl mercaptan.
  • Mercaptan is known to cause short term neurological, gastrointestinal, and respiratory symptoms;
  • Mercamptan is heavier than air and therefore flows down from the Aliso Canyon storage field into the residential areas (Porter Ranch, Granada Hills, Northridge, etc…).

The People of the State of California ex rel. South Coast Air Quality Management District, a Public entity v. Southern California Gas Company – LASC No. BC608322 filed January 26, 2016 South Coast Air Quality Management has alleged the following facts relevant to Porter Ranch Homeowner Claims:

  • Natural gas has leaked from the well at an estimated rate of up to approximately 127,868 pounds per hour;
  • As of the date of the filing, the leak has not been contained;
  • Short term exposure to mercaptan can cause headaches, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, pulmonary irritation, expiratory wheezing, rapid heartbeat and irritation of the eyes, skin and mucus membranes.

Similar to the 2009 Station Fire Insurance Claims, we will prosecute each individual Porter Ranch Gas Leak Claim based on the individual merit of each claim.

Who May Be Entitled To Relief?

If you are a homeowner/property owner, a resident (even if you rent), or a business owner, you may be entitled to compensation for injuries to your health (i.e., sickness, headaches, respiratory problems, dizziness, nosebleeds), or injuries to your property (i.e., loss of use or a diminished value to your property). If your children or loved ones residing with you have experienced health issues then they can also be individual claimants.

If you are a homeowner, business owner, or resident of Porter Ranch, Granada Hills, Northridge or other surrounding areas affected by the Porter Ranch Gas Leak, call or fill out our contact form and speak to an attorney today regarding your claim.

Property owners and residents, your claims are real. Even if you feel a little sick or are experiencing health related complications in the last several weeks, there may be a causal link between the leak and your condition. Furthermore, loss of use and diminished value to your property are real and legally recognizable claims under California law. It is imperative that you be made whole if you have sustained or continue to sustain damage to your person and/or property.