Fraud & Unfair Competition

Fraud & Unfair Competition

Los Angeles Fraud and Unfair Competition Attorneys

Fraud is a Civil Tort that literally comes in all shapes and sizes. Actions in Fraud may occur in minor consumer product transactions giving rise to nationwide class action lawsuits, or may occur in business transactions between private parties.  California’s Unfair Competition laws are designed to protect and deter unfair, fraudulent or unlawful business practices.

When fraud occurs in a business transaction it can take many forms such as fraudulent concealment, false promise, intentional misrepresentation, or fraud in the inducement.  These are all distinct causes of action with evidentiary variations.  Having prosecuted fraud claims in nationwide class actions and individual consumer claims, Mr. Gholian is equipped to analyze the merits of a fraud action and author legal complaints to meet the high specificity standards California courts assign to fraud lawsuits.

Whether the dispute arises out of false advertising, deceit or trickery fraud is a serious offense and victims of fraud, whether business or consumer fraud, must take appropriate steps to protect their interests.

Mr. Gholian is business trained and has prosecuted consumer fraud class actions against defendants ranging from insurance companies to major dotcoms. Mr. Gholian also represented individuals in fraud and unfair competition actions involving Real Estate ponzi schemes, trademark and trade name infringement and insurance contracts.  If you have been a victim of fraud, contact us now for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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