Real Estate Litigation

Real Estate Litigation

Our Los Angeles Real Estate Attorneys focus on bringing fraud and nondisclosure claims on behalf of buyers of real estate against sellers and brokers, and prosecute claims on behalf of homeowners against their HOAs. Our focus with respect to nondisclosure claims and HOA disputes, is to maximize the monetary award and make the client as close to whole as possible.  With our real estate litigation focus on these two type of cases, our attorneys have become well versed in the legal and factual issues that often pop up and repeat themselves in these types of cases.

Because litigation and lawsuits are so expensive, and because corporations and insurance companies have the upper hand when it comes to spending on litigation fees, we offer contingency fee arrangements and we share in the risk of litigation with the client.  Our attorneys are dedicated to the fight for the individual, especially when the individual is faced with litigating against corporations and insurance carriers.

If you were involved in a real estate transaction wherein certain material facts were not disclosed to you during escrow, or if you are a homeowner that has suffered significant damage to your condo unit or townhouse,  contact us for a free consultation and case evaluation.

Both Mr. Jordan and Mr. Gholian hold their California Real Estate Brokers license and have represented both buyers and sellers in real estate transactions which makes them particularly knowledgeable and equipped to handle legal matters in real estate.

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