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Quiet Title action is a legal proceeding brought by one party when two or more persons have adverse claims to the same property.  The purpose and function of a Quiet Title action is to eliminate the adverse claim and to establish or “quiet” the title fo the property in one of the claimants.  The Quiet Title action is brought to obtain a judicial deterimation of the adverse claims to the property.  A Quiet Title action is different from an action to remove a cloud on title by canceling an instrument or by reformation.  In other words, an action to remove a cloud on title seeks to invalidate a particular instrument that is clouding title, whereas a Quiet Title action seeks to eliminate a claim on title.

The types of claims that can be removed by a Quiet Title action include any legal or equitable right on the property, or any title, estate, lien or interest in the property.  An adverse claim asserts an ownership interest in the property or interferes with the enjoyment of the property or decreases the value of the property.  Plaintiffs commencing a Quiet Title action must immediately record a lis pendens with the county recorder.

Typically, our Los Angeles Quiet Title Attorneys are asked to bring a Quiet Title action to remove a cloud on title through the cancellation fo an instrument or to establish the itentity of a person in a chain of title.  If you require a Quiet Title Attorney in Los Angeles, contact us today for a free consulation.

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