Real Estate Lititgation

Our Los Angeles Real Estate Attorneys provide legal services in matters concerning commercial and residential lease disputes, real estate agent/broker breach of fiduciary duties, homeowner side HOA disputes and real estate transactions. California, and in particular, the Greater Los Angeles area, provides for a dynamic yet boisterous real estate market.  Real Estate contracts concern the simple and straightfoward purchases of a single family dwelling to property management agreements and the more tenuous option agreements.  However the issues present themselves, our attorneys will consider the client’s ultimate goal when evaluating the remedies sought, costs, timeline and the likelihood of success.

If a real estate breach or other wrong has occured, the type of claim, whether it lie in contract, negligence or fraud, will determine the remedies available in real estate transactions.  Common remedies include, enforcing the transaction through specific performance, or rescinding the contract.  Claimants may also sue for damages or enforce liquidated damages clauses.  Procedures such as a lis pendens are also availabe remedies.

Our attorneys also represent homeowners who have been the victims of catastrophic events such as the 2009 Station Fire and the 2016 Porter Ranch Gas Leak.  Mr. Gholian has represented victims in mass tort actions such as the Station Fire litigation and the currently pending Porter Ranch MDL litigation.  He also has represented victims of a real estate ponzi scheme wherein investors in a “vacation club” were fleeced out of millions of dollars.

If you have a real estate related injury contact one of our Los Angeles Real Estate Attorneys for a free consultation and case evaluation.

Both Mr. Jordan and Mr. Gholian hold their California Real Estate Brokers license and have represented both buyers and sellers in real estate transactions which makes them particularly knowledgeable and equipped to handle legal matters in real estate.