Unlawful Detainers

To evict a tenant from a residential or commercial apartment or space, a landlord needs to initiate an eviction proceeding or file an Unlawful Detainer action which is basically an accelerated action for the recovery of possession of leased/rented premises. Our Los Angeles Eviction lawyers handle Unlawful Detainer Actions for both commercial and residential leases. We provide eviction services in Los Angeles for all types of evictions.  We charge a flat rate fee for all Unlawful Detainer Actions.

Eviction Trials – Trials for possession are often the last necessary step to a successful eviction.  Although the issue of possession is the singular issue in front of the eviction court, it is nuanced enough to pose problems for the landlord if the eviction action was not properly executed from the start.  The 3/30/60 day notice must meet all technical requirements, service of the notice must meet legal standards and rent amounts demanded must be calculated with precision.  Our eviction attorneys are well versed in court trials for possession and understand the singular yet complex issue of possession having gone through the trial for possession several times over.

Landlords – Keep in mind that although eviction trials are usually quick and deal with the issue of possession, they are real trials nevertheless.  Evidence needs to be properly presented, authenticated and argued.  Our Los Angeles Eviction Attorneys are regularly preparing and conducting eviction trials and are equipped with the skillset necessary to properly execute a trial and deliver a judgment for possession.

Residential Evictions – Our Unlawful Detainer Attorneys represent landlords exclusively for residential evictions.  We charge a flat rate fee plus costs for uncontested evictions.  The flat rate fee is marginally higher for contested evictions.  Residential Landlords who have properties subject to the City of Los Angeles Rent Stabilization Ordinance (LARSO) must be in strict compliance and be aware of the requirements landlords are expected to meet.  LARSO statutes (Chapter 15 of the Municipal Code) are online and available here:  LARSO RULES

Commercial Evictions – Our Unlawful Detainer Lawyers represent both landlords and tenants for commercial eviction actions.  We have prosecuted eviction actions on behalf of landlords seeking to evict a commercial tenant, and we have defended businesses who are fighting an Unlawful Detainer action.

Flat Fee Evictions – We charge a flat fee to prepare the filings including (1) The Verified Complaint; (2) Civil Case Cover Sheet; (3) Civil Case Cover Sheet Addendum; (4) Summons; and (5) the Prejudgment Claim Of Right To Possession.  In addition to the flat fee for preparing and filing the eviction, the landlord pays costs such as the filing fee which starts from $240 for evictions wherein rent owed is $10,000 or less.  The landlord also pays the service of process fee.  This is a one time fee paid to serve the tenant(s) with the Summons and Complaint, regardless of how many attempts are necessary to properly serve.  The proof of service is also included and is delivered and filed in a form that will stand the scrutiny of the courts.  We also have form 3/30/60 day notices that we provide free of charge to our landlords if necessary.

Eviction costs include:

  • Superior Court Filing fee $240 to $435
  • Writ of Possession Fee – $25
  • Sheriff Lock Out Fee – $125 for most Branch Offices

IMPORTANT INFO REGARDING EVICTION COSTS: Landlords keep in mind that many so-called “eviction services” offer very low rates to initiate your eviction action, however, the introductory rates charged by many of these services are for evictions that proceed uncontested by the tenant.  Uncontested evictions are the exception and not the norm. Once your eviction is contested and you need to have a trial to win possession, these eviction services cannot represent you without an attorney and your legal fees and costs go way beyond what you may have been quoted initially. Also, when quoted very low initial rates for an eviction, ask the law firm or eviction service quoting you a price whether their prices include responding to discovery, jury trials, motion practice, trial document preparation and most importantly whether they use appearance attorneys (who will have reviewed your file the morning of trial along with the several other evictions they are “appearing” on).

Our Los Angeles Eviction Attorneys treat your eviction like a real case and trial because it is.  We don’t use appearance attorneys and the same attorney handles your eviction from filing through judgment.

Should your tenant contest the eviction and force a trial for possession, then we charge a flat fee for conducting the trial including: (1) Trial Briefs; (2) Witness Lists; (3) Exhibit Lists; and for jury trials; (4) Statements of the Case; (5) Special Verdict Forms; and (6) Jury Instructions.  Eviction Trials are real trials and subject to the same rules as any other civil trial.  We prepare our landlords and their witnesses (i.e., property managers, agents, etc…) for trial including putting on your case in chief for possession and rebutting defenses such as violations of rent control ordinances and breach of the implied warranty of habitability.  All consultations are free and welcomed.

If you are a landlord or property owner and you have a tenant who has breached the lease or rental agreement by failing to pay rent, you will need to move quickly to regain possession and get the space leased and producing income again.  There are strict guidelines that must be followed with respect to notice, filing the complaint, proof of breach and regaining possession.  Failing to adhere to these strict guidelines will ultimately delay your ability to regain possession.

Our Los Angeles Unlawful Detainer Attorneys offer competitive rates for both uncontested and contested unlawful detainers, from proper notice to filing the unlawful detainer action, obtaining judgment for possession, submitting Sheriff’s instructions for eviction, and up until you regain possession of your commercial or residential premises.

Contact our eviction attorneys today for a free consultation.  We handle evictions in the Greater Los Angeles area.